Gluten Free Alternatives

We are in an ever growing community that is aware of so many aspects of our health and diet. With so many additives, chemicals and carcinogens in our environment, our bodies are becoming ever more susceptible to foods in our diet. I, for one, do suffer from coeliacs disease, but I also have a high intolerance to dairy, citrus, yeast, chocolate, vinegar and a few more that I don’t want to bore you with. With all that in mind, I understand how difficult it can be to go out and enjoy friends company if you can’t pick from anything from the set menu.

We do have a full menu for you to peruse through, but with many things, we try to accommodate for those of us that don’t have the luxury to be able to choose too much.

We supply a range of GLUTEN FREE breads that can be toasted or eaten fresh….yes, a gluten free bread that can be eaten fresh???? Our Turkish flat bread comes from the GLUTEN FREE House in Queensland and it has a softness to it that we don’t normally see in gluten free breads. We also supply salads….presently we have a roast pumpkin and grilled chicken salad, served with pine nuts and baby spinach leaves and lightly dressed with a basil and tomato dressing. We also offer a CAESAR salad, that has crusty GF Croutons, GF Chicken nuggets, Swiss cheese and a tangy Caesar dressing mixed with a mescaline lettuce mix.

We also have a few fried foods available, that we put in a separate fryer, so that we eliminate any gluten contamination. Our chips are gluten free, but to ensure you get what you need, you just need to mention to us that you need it separated from the rest. Also, our sweet potato wedges are popular, and it doesn’t have the coat of flours that some wedges have. Of course we have a supply of gluten free coated chicken nuggets that even the youngest of special needs can be met in our kiddy chips and nuggets combo deal.

We also supply a range of GF sweets, and our RAW range is becoming more and more popular. Come down and have a try of our variety of foods, and if we don’t have what you need, let us know and we will try our best to source it.