Altura Coffee

I cannot speak highly enough of the gentlemen on Grange Road that supply our beans, our machine, our flavoured syrups and powders.

Altura Coffee are a South Australian owned and operated roasting house and they source the best AA+ Grade arabica beans from Columbia, Ethiopia, Brazil and other countries like PNG. They have many varieties, blends and roasting levels, but our most popular coffee bean is the TUSCAN BLEND. It has a caramel flavour that mixes well with all the milks we offer. Of course a full fat milk is best, where the fats really bring out the creamy texture and allows the barista to pull the milk to its full potential.

Of course we offer skim milk, soy milk, lactose free milk and almond milk. We source milks from our local milky, to support our local farmers that work so hard to bring us the goods everyday.

Our other staple blend of coffee is our DECAFE and that bean has been freshly ground to give those that are conscious of their caffeine intake, but still enjoy the full flavour of a beautifully crafted espresso. Our new blend on the block is the almighty ALMALFI, which is a stronger bodied bean that gives those that want extra guts in their coffee, the hit they need.

We also offer a medium roasted FAIRTRADE coffee that ensures a better deal for deveoping country producers. It has a smooth full bodied flavour that delights the senses.

There’s nothing better than a really good cup of coffee. And there’s nothing better in the world than AA Grade coffee beans. That’s why only 5% of all of the Arabica coffee beans grown worldwide have an AA Grade rating. And that’s also why Altura Coffee only uses premium AA Grade Arabica coffee beans.

AA Grade beans are grown at high altitude without the use of pesticides. They are matured for up to two years, maximising the sweetness of the natural oils in the beans. The result is organically grown coffee beans with enhanced sweetness and a fullness of flavour that is obvious in both aroma and taste.

Freshly roasted in South Australia, Altura Coffee is delivering the very best in coffee experiences.